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Eight-year-old smuggled into Spanish territory in suitcase


Life in Africa is really harsh and tough.Many African children starve to death and suffer from diseases for they have no clean drinking water.Indeed, they have insufficient doctors and medical treatment.Subsequently,a voluminous amount of Africans want to steal into Spanish in search for a better life.However,dangerous methods are used by them which could result in death in extreme cases.One Moroccan was found dead due to dehydration and malnutrition.Undeniably, people have a propensity to risk their lives just to get a better living.But, I found it too ridiculous to make an eight-year-old do that. How cruel is his father to risk the life of his own flesh and blood! I personally think people should lend their helping hands to the poors in Africa so as to make their ends meet.Although it may be challenging to help every single of them,I still think the money or the food that we donate will help to save their lives.

Meet the man who volunteered for world’s first ‘head transplant’




Organ transplantation is the moving of an organ from one body to another or from a donor site to another location on the person’s own body, to replace the recipient’s damaged or absent organ.The first human organ transplant was a kidney transplant performed in 1954 by Dr. Joseph Murray.Most people will think it’s impossible to succeed in head transplant.Indeed,no people dare to try it.But ,there’s a man,Valery Spiridonov,a computer scientist by profession, volunteered for the world’s first head transplant ! He impressed me as his attempt to receive the world’s first head transplant can be a great medicine discovery if it succeeds.I wonder and is curious about the outcome of the human’s head transplant.Will the recipient own the donor’s memory? Is there any people who is willing to donate his body to the others? There are so many vital nerves near our brain and the upper part of our body, is it possible to manage all the large veins ,arteries and also the spinal cord?It’s an extremely exciting topic to discuss with and how nice it is if I can watch all the top surgeons performing this complicated operation one day. I found out that there were actually animals’ head transplant in the past and surprisingly, they all succeeded! If head transplant works on animals ,it should also work on humans.If it is so,then, patients who suffer from fatal brain diseases may have another opened door towards recovery.I hope that scientists and neurologists can soon discover ways and information about head transplant. Good Luck!

10 Shocking Facts about Korean Schools.

10 shocking facts about Korean schools

I really admire South Korea ,which was a below par country,for being able to enter the list of First World Country.I’m seriously shocked when I read that Korean students actually spend 16 hours in school and even on Saturdays.I think this is one of the reasons that make Korea such a successful and talent-filled nation.Moreover, I am impressed by Koreans for they are EXTREMELY polite and courteous.The way they view and respect teachers is extraordinary as students in other countries normally dislike or behave rudely to teachers.Also, I like the way the government organizes the teachers and principals. They treat all the students in different schools fair and square by having the teachers and principals to change school each year.They do not give the elite students with only excellent teachers and this is quite similar to the educational system of Singapore.Korean schools also cultivate students to be clean and hygienic since young from the point that both the teachers and students need to change into clean slippers before entering the school and make students responsible for the cleanliness  of their school.South Korea government trains the future generation well and effectively and thus this country stands a significant place in the world and it’s being respected.

Social Media addiction


The development of smartphones is to bring easier and more comfortable life to people.But smartphones are being abused nowadays.Smartphones are glued to every adult and teenager’s hands and excessive usage of these devices can bring a lot of issues just about one can think of.It’s not worth of playing with your mobile phones whole day long without socializing with your family members and friends!Teenagers should fill their adolescence with interesting and beneficial activities, shouldn’t they? Overusing a smartphone causes us to be less alert and aware of our surroundings.Indeed, these gadgets also brings harm to our health for the noxious radiation produced.Hence, we should always use our smartphones smartly and wisely as it says ‘smart’ phones.Put down your phones and enjoy the real life but not the fictitious life on the small screen of your phones.