10 Shocking Facts about Korean Schools.

10 shocking facts about Korean schools

I really admire South Korea ,which was a below par country,for being able to enter the list of First World Country.I’m seriously shocked when I read that Korean students actually spend 16 hours in school and even on Saturdays.I think this is one of the reasons that make Korea such a successful and talent-filled nation.Moreover, I am impressed by Koreans for they are EXTREMELY polite and courteous.The way they view and respect teachers is extraordinary as students in other countries normally dislike or behave rudely to teachers.Also, I like the way the government organizes the teachers and principals. They treat all the students in different schools fair and square by having the teachers and principals to change school each year.They do not give the elite students with only excellent teachers and this is quite similar to the educational system of Singapore.Korean schools also cultivate students to be clean and hygienic since young from the point that both the teachers and students need to change into clean slippers before entering the school and make students responsible for the cleanliness  of their school.South Korea government trains the future generation well and effectively and thus this country stands a significant place in the world and it’s being respected.


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