Meet the man who volunteered for world’s first ‘head transplant’

Organ transplantation is the moving of an organ from one body to another or from a donor site to another location on the person’s own body, to replace the recipient’s damaged or absent organ.The first human organ transplant was a kidney transplant performed in 1954 by Dr. Joseph Murray.Most people will think it’s impossible to succeed in head transplant.Indeed,no people dare to try it.But ,there’s a man,Valery Spiridonov,a computer scientist by profession, volunteered for the world’s first head transplant ! He impressed me as his attempt to receive the world’s first head transplant can be a great medicine discovery if it succeeds.I wonder and is curious about the outcome of the human’s head transplant.Will the recipient own the donor’s memory? Is there any people who is willing to donate his body to the others? There are so many vital nerves near our brain and the upper part of our body, is it possible to manage all the large veins ,arteries and also the spinal cord?It’s an extremely exciting topic to discuss with and how nice it is if I can watch all the top surgeons performing this complicated operation one day. I found out that there were actually animals’ head transplant in the past and surprisingly, they all succeeded! If head transplant works on animals ,it should also work on humans.If it is so,then, patients who suffer from fatal brain diseases may have another opened door towards recovery.I hope that scientists and neurologists can soon discover ways and information about head transplant. Good Luck!


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