Eight-year-old smuggled into Spanish territory in suitcase


Life in Africa is really harsh and tough.Many African children starve to death and suffer from diseases for they have no clean drinking water.Indeed, they have insufficient doctors and medical treatment.Subsequently,a voluminous amount of Africans want to steal into Spanish in search for a better life.However,dangerous methods are used by them which could result in death in extreme cases.One Moroccan was found dead due to dehydration and malnutrition.Undeniably, people have a propensity to risk their lives just to get a better living.But, I found it too ridiculous to make an eight-year-old do that. How cruel is his father to risk the life of his own flesh and blood! I personally think people should lend their helping hands to the poors in Africa so as to make their ends meet.Although it may be challenging to help every single of them,I still think the money or the food that we donate will help to save their lives.


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